Monica Tamu Spivey Story

Tamu = Sophisticated and Sweet

Born in Queens, NY and relocated to Florida in 2007. Monica has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and envisioned owning a restaurant. Prior to having her first child, she knew nothing about cooking. She purchased cookbooks, became a member at Costco’s and BJ’s, and begin experimenting in the kitchen.

Not only did she learn that she loved to cook, she also learned that America loves to eat! She started baking homemade cookies and boxed cakes for a local Head Start Program her children attended; and she would help her grandmother make sweet potato pie for the holidays. She cooked so much that family events and holidays became a regular at her house. People loved her food!
Monica's fascination with cupcakes unraveled in a dream. She baked a scrumptious cookies n cream cupcake and a caramel apple pie cupcake then woke up excited and ready to create her masterpiece. She purchased a dainty cupcake carrier and toted her homemade creation to work; receiving raving reviews. Her co-workers said: “These cupcakes are so good, it make me wanna slap my momma.” Another person said,” Oh my God, it has real apples inside.” 

Inspired, she begin baking cupcakes on a weekly basis, creating an array of cupcakes filled with fruit compotes or a cream filling and butter cream frosting. Since then she's been told by family, friends, and co-workers that it’s time she start a cupcake business. Tamu Cupcakery was born! 

Welcome to Tamu Cupcakery, LLC. where every batch is made from scratch and our goal is to create happiness in every bite.