• Vegan Cakes

    Minimum 2 work days (do not include order date). We are open Tuesday-Saturday.

    We are super excited to bring to you, our Vegan Cake line. Available in sizes: 6", 7", 8", and 9."

    Triple Layer Cakes. 

    We use vegan butter and vegan frosting, coconut milk or almond milk to make our vegan frosting. If you don’t see a flavor you’d like, call us 239 673-9860.

    Local Delivery Only (we go by zoning areas). Item cannot be shipped.

    Order Instructions:

    Order must be placed 2 work days in advance from the date needed. Our work days are Tuesday - Saturday.

    Example: order date 4/1 Saturday. 4 work days = 4/7 Friday (because we are closed Sun/Mon)