• Sweet Creations Workshop

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    Welcome to the frosting fun lab for junior creators. Parents get ready to unleash your children's creativity. Our classes are fun-filled learning experiences with step-by-step guidance by our talented instructors. All workshops are 2 - 5 hours long for ages 8 - 17. 

    Kids are provided with a work station, all supplies and equipment. This is a hands on activity suitable for kids. 

    Classes are taught by two staff members. Children take home their masterpieces to share with family & friends. 

    Space is limited.

    Instruction for parents:

    Please arrive promptly at workshop start time (do not arrive more than 15 minutes in advance) (arrivals more than 30 minutes late will be turned away).

    Please arrive promptly at workshop end time.

    Parents are kindly requested to refrain from staying during workshop sessions.